Using Prepaid Gift Cards

Dear Reader-

I love to give and receive prepaid gift cards for the holidays.

It is so nice not to be tied to a store or restaurant and have the ability to purchase (or give the ability to purchase) whatever my little heart desires.

And THAT is why I am so excited to share tonight’s Super Mommy Secret… just in time for the holidays!

Using prepaid gift cards online or sometimes even at the store can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple cards. Always make sure you read the fine print on your cards whether giving or receiving. Some cards have fees, most cards expire and combining the card Aunt Millie got you with the one Aunt Wilma got you –to finally get that special something you have been looking forward to –could not even be allowed at some stores and online locations :(.

What is a Super Mom to do?

Amazon has a great “work around” that allows you to convert your gift cards into Amazon gift cards that not only don’t expire, but can also be combined with other forms of payment! Mommy Score.

Just go to Amazon and purchase a gift card for the exact amount of your prepaid card and email it to yourself. Repeat for each of your cards. Amazon will then email you activation links to apply the cards to your account. Once the cards are activated, they will be a credit on your Amazon account that you can combine with other forms of payment… Easy Peasy.

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