58 Ways to Use Bacon

Bacon, bacon, BACON!

Seems like bacon is all the rage.

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Truth be told, I have a secret…

Some of my favorite people in the world are responsible for bacon.

And we aren’t talking about Kevin.

People like Heather, Meggie, Jeanette and Jent (to name a few) actually make bacon possible.

So let’s talk bacon and all the wonderful ways you can use it.














Well how is that for a bacon fix?!?
Did I miss one of your favorite uses for bacon? Do tell…
Note: Affiliate links were used in this post. I am NOT responsible however for the creation of bacon frosting…just sayin’ 

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  • Leah Beyer

    You sure know how to wreck a gal’s healthy eating efforts:)

    • Cris

      Ha! You know everyone was giving me a hard time about my pinterest board… but in my defense, a lot of those recipes came from you!

  • Sheila Johnson

    I love this!  Thanks for all the amazing links to bacon lovelyness.  What would life be with out bacon…. I hate to even ponder it. I just make Pw or Pam Andersons baked beans tonight, they truly are the best!

  • Ha ha, I saw you putting this PInterest board together the other day and wondered what was coming up! 🙂

  • Water chesnuts wrapped in bacon, baked or broiled then tossed in bbq sauce……so yummy!

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