GOODe Bruschetta

Tonight’s recipe is one of my all time favorites. 
One night while watching Julie and Julia, Puddie was inspired to whip up some bruschetta. Having never made it before, he just added flavors we loved and created one of our favorite meals.
Truth be told, I snarled my nose at first… but then… I tasted it.
Oh. My. Word.
I could seriously eat this every night… especially with all the fresh tomatoes and  basil…
You start with a loaf of French bread.
Cut her in half…
Save the other half for the next day… for when you think to yourself that you HAVE to have some of that awesome bruschetta again 😉 Just sayin’
Slice up half of the loaf.
Melt some butter and brush on both sides of each slice.
Pop on the grill for a few minutes to toast them up.
And flip.
Grab a whole clove of garlic and cut it at an angle.
Rub the garlic on both sides of each toasted slice.
Now chop up two tomatoes and toss them in a bowl.
Grab 2 avocados…
Chop them up toss them in.
Take two limes and add their juice to your mixture. I heart limes.
Grab some basil (boxwood pictured) and chop up and toss in.
Mix ‘er up
Then spoon onto grilled garlic slices.
Simply delicious.
You gots to try it…


About Cris
I am the mama behind GOODEness Gracious and the owner of Cris Goode Solutions. Here at GOODEness Gracious, we like to keep it light and fun as we cook up family meals, share our super mommy secrets and chat it up about the GOODe life:) So come on in and sit a spell.

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  • Cranberry Morning

    I wish I could have a slice right now! I love every ingredient, but would use a gluten-free bread. Not the same, but you do whatcha gotta do. Any excuse to use avocado!! 🙂

  • Lana

    Yum! I so want to see that movie! I can never catch it at the beginning on whatever channel we get that it is running on. Gonna have to speak to Tall guy about T-VO or whatever it's call that can record shows!

  • Kerin

    Tasty! I especially LOVE grill bread! Looks like a great summer meal 🙂

  • sara

    Want. Some. Now.

  • Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek

    mmm…love bruschetta!

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