Jetting down the road with Jetpack

With two long car rides with kiddos ahead of us, one of my good friends and I were encouraging each other as we procrastinated  packed and packed for our respective vacations.

It was the night before we were both set to head out and we were texting back and forth.

Two different trips.

Two different destinations.

But the same scenario was happening at both our homes.

Missing power cords, rogue devices and desperate mamas looking for both.

Before it was done, I am pretty sure both of our sets of electronics needed their own suitcases… but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Technology makes road trips a little more enjoyable when the sights outside the car get boring and the activities inside the car get old.


Confession Time: On our last trip, we took 2 laptops, 3 tablets, 4 phones, 2 cameras, 1 DVD player and 1 DS…

Now, mind you, we were going to have 4 days of our 10 day trip spent mainly in the car, so only so many coloring books were going to cut it for my very active 5 year old.

That and I planned to do some work on those 4 days.

Now all that is my very long drawn out way of explaining why this little device was so valuable on our trip…

Verizon’s Jetpack was a godsend on our road trip days.

It brought a super fast internet connection to our car as we spent hours on end driving — all while allowing up to 5 devices to connect to it at a time.

That meant that after 10 hours in the car, I could get some blogging done while chatting on my phone with Aunt Lou, Puddie could jam to Spotify and Monkey could watch Pinky Dinky Doo on Netflix on her iPad when it was dark outside and there was nothing to see.

It also proved to be very helpful when we arrived at the end of our trip to a very over-crowded Gatlinburg only to find out that our cabin which we booked months ago suddenly became unavailable and we were moved to a cabin that didn’t have WiFi. 🙁

No problem.

We turned on the Jetpack and everyone had access when they needed it once again.

What could have been a real issue work-wise was just a minor detail thanks to having the Jetpack as my back up.


Aside from vacation, having access to MiFi via the Jetpack  was a luxury to try.

No longer was I captive to finding the closest Panera or McD’s for the free WiFi to get a little work done outside of the house.

Ultimately it made me more productive by making use of time that I would normally be sitting in the car waiting on Monkey for this or that.

Big thanks to Verizon for letting me give the Jetpack a try for the last month.

It is definitely on my wishlist as a mom, blogger and business owner.

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  • Lana Wallpe

    That sounds like heaven for long car rides! I will have to put it on my March wish list! 🙂 Just got the Razzor and trying to get it all figured out in between interruptions, dang ol’ farming! 😉

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