26 Things You Can Do With A Crock Pot

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Crock Pot Recipes

The Crock Pot Exchange‘s recent Crock Pot Party and now all the Facebook chatter over the Crock Pot Girls, I got to ponderin’ about all the wonderful things one could do with a crock pot.

I heart my crock pots.

I mean what is not to love?

They do all the work, clean up in a snap and have a very versatile range of awesomeness they can create, it doesn’t heat up my kitchen during the summer and it makes warm and toasty food for the soul in the winter.

I have 3 that I use regularly… And my favorites are my programmable Smart Pots… admittedly partially because I just like saying smart pot ūüėČ (NOTE: I know some folks say they have trouble with them cookin’ hot, but both of my smart pots work just fine.)

Anyhoo… with all this crock talk and fall a comin’ on, I decided to take pen to paper (and pin to Pinterest) to come up with a list of all the fantastic things you can do with the wonderful magical crock pot.

26 Things You Can Do With A Crock Pot

  • Line them. The slow cooker has officially made my wish come true!¬†No dishes!!!¬†I love these dag-gone liners about as much as I love my pots… just sayin’ (Psst…¬†Buy them here¬†if you can’t find them in the store.)

Slow cooker liners

Via Pinterest
Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole Recipe
  • Make the Perfect Roast. I LOVE this Oh-So-Easy Pot Roast Dinner. You’ll have the family convinced that you slaved away for hours on this one.
  • Cheesecake Anyone? Who’d a thunk that the perfect food could be made in a slow cooker??? I cannot wait to try this Cheesecake Recipe.
  • Switch Size on the Fly. Check out this cool 3-in-1 Slow Cooker¬†that lets you switch crocks depending on your need: 2 quart, 4 quart or 6 quart. Or even check out the new Casserole Crock Pot that is the perfect 9 x 13 size for all your favorite casseroles.

Meatlovers chili sq

Not enough things you can do with a crock pot? Check out 17 More Ways to Use a Crock Pot¬†OR visit our new site that is about slow cooker recipes all year ’round!

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Crock Pot Recipes

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  • jane houin

    Thanks for the mentions, Cris! ūüôā I love my crockpot, too! ūüôā I love putting it to work 2 days in a row w/a roast on day 1 followed by veggie soup w/the leftovers on day 2. ūüôā

  • Kerin

    Three cheers for crock pots! I’ve had a least one crock pot for the (almost) 25 years that I’ve been married ūüôā
    Thanks for highlighting so many great ways to use our crock pots !!
    Have fun making apple butter too ūüôā
    Your house is gonna smell heavenly….I promise!

    • Hi, Sorry to be a pain and ask about the liners again, but we can’t get them in the UK, please can you post a link to a website i could but them from… thanks xx

      • crisgoode

        Sorry about that… the post has been updated with a link.

  • Will have to get the crock pot out and start getting busy with all these ideas

  • priyanka bhattacharjee

    Thanks for the update….its really helpful

  • Love the post. You can also make Friendship Bread in the crock pot! Very cool. Here is the link where I found it…tasty recipes over there and I bet that you can use any of them in the crock pot:

  • Margaret

    wow, all I can say is OMG to all the ways I have yet to use my Crock Pot! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I have some recipe-reading to do!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray! Love my crockpot and this post. I love making gumbo and apple butter in mine but, I’m definitely going to check out these links. ūüôā

  • Loretta

    Don’t use mine enough! We normally pull it out for stews, chili’s and things like that. I figure I can bake brownies in the oven while something else cooks away in the crock. Like the ideas, though.

  • Love love love my crockpots and can’t live without them!¬† A favorite is making caramel apples in the fall with my children (and my mom’s group)! We melt our caramels in the crockpot, put the apples on a stick and dip them. We line the tables with bowls of yummy toppings to roll them in.¬† I melt white and milk chocolate in my mini crockpots to drizzle on the apples.¬† Yummy!

  • sheila

    We used crock pots at school to have the kids make candles during colonial month! We melted wax in them and they dipped the string in them. they came out great!

  • Sheila

    I love making potato soup in mine! One of my favorite soups ever!! Mine is 6 cups of water, 6 bouillon cubes and basil to start. Add cubed potatoes and let cook for 6 hours. Add cornstarch mixed with half and half (I use fat free)  to the pot to thicken than add bacon bits and cheddar. It is sooo good!!

    • amy

      how much of each ingredient do you use?  This sounds great!

  • I have two crock pots…and don’t use them as much as I could…but I’ve been think that I should use them more. These tips and recipes are great, thanks for doing the research for us!

  • Goldennarri

    I loved my Rival Smartpots too…both of them (yes, I bought two) until both developed cracks in the little plastic lid handle. ¬†Called Rival and all they could say was buy a whole new lid. ¬†All I need is the little plastic handle piece that screws on. Obviously, these pots have a defective handle since both of my pot lids cracked within a few months of each other. ūüôĀ ¬†booo!

    • Kerry1022

      My lid’s handle came right off leaving a hole in the middle of the lid. ¬†It cooked so much better than the newer ones.

    • Sarah Dueck

       I had that happen to my crock as well, but a friend of mine was able to find a cabinet knob that had the same size hole as the screw for my handle. Worked beautifully!

    • ¬†My crock pot handle came off to. I used super glue to put it back on. Only down fall is I have to reglue every few months.

  • Jen Loomans

    One of the most unusual things my crock pot has done: strip the paint off the metal window hardware when we refinished our old sash windows. ¬† has detailed directions, but it’s really simple (and I’d recommend a liner for this trick): put in your little pieces of paint-caked metal (we had window locks and lift tabs), cover with water, add 1/4 dish soap, and let them cook on low (we didn’t have a medium on that pot) overnight. ¬†In the morning, rinse your parts. They can be buffed up to a nice shine. ¬†You might have to take an old toothbrush or a tooth pick to nooks and crannies, but your paint will have released from the metal.

  • Kristinajhanson

    Where do you get the liners?  They sound so amazingly useful!

    • Anonymous

      Walmart – right next to the aluminum foil ūüôā

    • You can order them on line at a crazy cheap price too.

  • What an awesome post, so many great ideas! ¬†Thanks for linking to my Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes!

  •¬† I just made caramel with my crock pot. ¬†it could NOT be easier. ¬†I think it’s easier than buying caramel in the store (cause you know, you gotta go FIND it…)

  • carrie

    My crockpot is my saving grace…but lining it is GENIUS!!!!¬†

  • Stopnsmellchocolate

    So many great ideas!!  Found some new ones to try.  Was using mine last week to make a bunch of pear sauce.

  • Kati

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE baked potatoes in the crock pot!  come home from work and supper is done!  I love anything crock pot!!!

  • Amalone1234

    ok, here’s my top secret lazy large meal preperation trick. First of all I HATE doing dishes, HATE hate hate! So I use my very large crock pot to ‘cook’ multiple vegetables all at once. First, wash quickly and remove labels from cans of veggies that you’ll be “cooking”,¬†then open every can.¬†¬†CANS MUST BE OPENED WHILE EVERYTHING IS COLD.¬† In a cold crock pot I place two OPENED cans of corn, one can of OPENED peas, a can of carrots. I save an old can or two for potatoes and fill with diced, peeled potatoes and cover them with water. Then I fill my crock pot with cold water to 2″ below the level of your shortest can. I place the lid on the crock pot and turn it on to med/high and cook until potatoes are tender. I cook the meat in the oven, usually in the dish I’ll be serving it in, therefore less dishes. Once everything is “cooked” I VERY CAREFULLY, USING OVEN MITTS, pour the veggies out of the cans right into serving dishes and serve while hot! Therefore NO POTS OR PANS to wash, not even the crock pot really.

  • Mamorris

    If you’re looking for #27, a slow cooker is great for cooking beans. Instead of a boiling pot on your stove for two-four hours, throw the rinsed beans in a slow cooker with water (or broth for added flavor) all day. Great for people who enjoy bean salads but wish to stay away from the sodium found in canned beans.¬†

  • Holt Cathie

    WHERE does one buy the bags? Want some!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You can find them next to the baggies and oven bags at the grocery store.

  • You can also warm baby bottles in a crock pot instead of buying a “bottle warmer”

  • anything i can. love the liners

  • Rebecca Macdonald

    I use my crockpot at least once a week. It used to drive my nanny crazy because she smelled it’s deliciousness all day while I worked down in my basement office.

    Anyway, I like lazy crockpot cooking. Chicken with a jar of salsa or BBQ sauce. The chicken shreads super easy and I can use it for lots of different things.

  • I have a family of 6 and boy do the dishes add up from just one supper night. I love my crockpot, I have 2, and I cant wait to try some of these awesome ideas out!!

  • I make my own chicken stock in my crock pot – I use a leftover roasted chicken and add the usual onion, carrot, celery – a few bay leaves and some pepper – cover with filtered water & let it go on low for a day or so – I usually get about 3-4 quart containers out of a batch!! ¬†Freezes beautifully!!

  • Hi…I would like to know what the recipe is of that yummy picture that is pinned bringing me to this article…it has me drooling but I don’t know what it is.

  • Tara Esquivel

    If you are really looking for someone who loves Crockpot recipes, has so many tried and tested ones. I love her recipes!

  • allyson.reed

    This is great! I have a great recipe too, for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal made in the crockpot!

  • Another idea ….. air freshener. To water in crockpot, add sliced lemons and vanilla …. or chunks of water and cinnamon …. whatever else you can think of …. simmer on low all day.

  • eravsl

    I made a 15 bean soup with smoked sausage & shredded chicken. My family thought it was the greatest soup ever! I made a 6 quart pot with the intention of freezing half, but they ate it all in two days! They asked me to cook rice and sweet cornbread with it next time so they can eat it like chili. Its definitely one meal I’ll cook again.

  • you missed my favorite one melting chocolate for cake pop dipping. place chocolate wafers in mason jars then into the crock pot with some water in the bottom. the crock keeps the chocolate at jsut the right temp for dipping or drizzling

  • Smartfoody

    Now I’m not trying to be rude at all but the person who posted that plastic liners have cancer producing chemicals was right. Plastic has all kinds of nasties in it that cause cancer and even produce estrogen (clearly not good for men). There are studies. But it’s everyone’s prerogative as to what they use in their own households. ūüôā

    • crisgoode

      I appreciate your note (and your approach). Would you mind sharing your links to the specific studies? The Reynolds site says their liners are BPA free and have been approved by the FDA for cooking. I find it hard to believe that if it is so cut and dry that the FDA (or Reynolds’ lawyers for that matter) allow them to stay on the market without at least a warning label.

      • Kelley Hallam

        Your ideas are all good ones, but they’re right about the liners. It’s not just BPA you need to be concerned either. You can Google “chemicals in plastic” and find a ton of articles and studies. It might be easier, but heating food in plastic is never a good idea. You might also watch the documentary “Bag It”. It’s pretty informative too.

      • I agree – it should be hard to believe – but it isn’t. How many times have we heard something was good/ok for us and approved by the FDA to only learn years later…. Houston We Have A Problem… Just sayin.. I’ll just stick to washing my crock pot (which I LOVE)

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