Pie Crust Questions Answered

Dear Reader-
Many of you have asked lots of questions about the Pie Crust Mix post a few days ago via comment, Facebook Community and email. So, I thought I would do a quick little post to answer all of those questions 🙂

Q. Can I store this in the pantry or does it need to go in the fridge?
A. You can store this recipe that uses shortening (not butter) in a sealed container in the pantry.

Q. Is that Pastry Blender electric or how does it work?– I wish I could see it better.
A. It is not electric– it is a hand mixing tool that you use to cut the shortening into the flour. It works a lot like a potato masher, but is designed to make easy work of cutting things like butter and shortening into dry goods like flour. I can’t find a link to one like mine, but here is a similar one: Pastry Blender
Q. Do I have to have a Pastry Blender?
A. No. Truth be told, a lot of folks use their food processor, but if you recall my food processor and I very much dislike each other… we are actually thinking about therapy… but I really don’t think she is going to change (and I know I am not ;)), so I usually just glare at her from across the kitchen…  Anyhoo, prior to getting the awesome pastry blender for Christmas, I used to opt for blending with two forks, it just takes a bit more time and elbow grease.

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  • Cranberry Morning

    Nice to know that the pie crust can be stored in the pantry, rather than the fridge. The pastry blender: Mine is a simple hand tool with several blades shaped like 'u' that cut the butter into the flour. My mom would have said that a food processor would 'overwork' the dough, making it tough. I like the hand tool much better. FWIW. 🙂

  • Patty Ann

    Yep, we make our own pie crust all the time. It is so much better than the store bought kind. I love the idea of making a mix though and keeping it in my pantry!

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