GOODe People

We have a cast of characters around here, so I thought it might be GOODe 🙂 of me to share with you some Goode Characters to know…


Goode Ole Boy: That would be Mike, Michael, Mikey, Puddie, Pud, Dad, Daddy, Hey You– around here 😉 To know Mike is to love him. We are college sweethearts and have been married 15 years. He is truly my heart’s desire and without a doubt a barrel of fun! He is a dispatcher for the railroad, song writer, guitar picker, humorous soul, Godly man’s man, country boy, all-around great guy. (If you can’t tell I kind of like him…) You can check out his blog: for a chuckle.

FREEZE-o-RAMA Mama/Goode Ole Gal: That would be me: Mom, Mommy, Addie’s Mom, Cris, Crissy, Puddie (wait wasn’t that his name…yep things can get confusing around here… try to keep up), Pud, Doodle, Doodlebug.


 Monkey: That would be Add, Miss Add, Addie, Fred, That Two Three Six Year Old, Addelynn Grace (when she is in trouble of course) or Addie Grace (when she is especially cute;) ).

Gilbert: That would be a (or 5) gray stuffed cat that goes with Monkey everywhere and is her best friend in life.


Aunt Lou: That would be Sara, Mommy’s lil’ sister, who visits us frequently and can be pictured doing fun and crazy stuff that Mommy is just too adult to do. You can read her blog at: Much Ado About Lou

El: That would be Mommy’s overly needy friend…my lovely elliptical machine with which I have long history of a love/hate relationship. El isn’t allowed to blog…she’d tell you awful things about me.


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