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This is Part Two. Read Part One Here

Well, as of tomorrow, Millie – My Walking Desk– has been with us a full week.

So, I thought I’d update you on how we are doing and if she is helping me in my quest to keep moving.

Treadmill Desk

The results are in and I am still SHOCKED at how easy it is to knock out that 10K mark that used to allude me so.


Day One: Millie arrived while I was at a dentist appointment and Puddie had her put together in no time flat. I ended up getting to try her out at about 2 PM and easily cranked out 20K steps before the end of the day. I was really surprised at how easily I lost track of time on her. With my computer, phone and notebook by my side, boredom was not an issue at all.


Day Two: My second day ran a workshop in the city all day and spent a total of 4 hours in the car running after Miss Add. By the time I got home, I was not only exhausted, I was feeling sick, so I skipped Millie and my stats show that. I can’t believe I got such a low step count considering I was on my feet for a continuous 6 hours running my training but them be the stats.


Day 3: On Wednesday I was still feeling puny in the morning but by afternoon was up and going and cranked out another 20K very easily.


Day Four:  Thursday I found my stride. Still not feeling the best but easily got 20K before the end of my workday and then found myself with a lot more energy in the evenings-even despite being sick. I was also beginning to see that while that my walking desk is a great solution for getting moving throughout the day, it does not take the place of cardio.


Day Five: Friday I started feeling better. And I made the rule that if I was going to be on the computer, I had to be at my desk. This did two things. It upped my numbers AND it caused me to take real breaks from work. Lunch was away from my desk for a change.


Day Six: On Saturday I told myself that I only needed to get to 10K. We had lots of family time and activities and then I hopped on to finish up my tax info for my accountant and bam 13K easy as pie. I could not believe it.


Day Seven: That brings us to today… again, 10K was the goal and I have hit that before publishing this.

Walking Desk-5

I have learned a lot in this first week. I have learned that I can move way more than I ever imagined and I don’t have to be bored out of my mind. I have also learned a lot about walk a walking desk is and what it isn’t.

A walking desk is great to…

  • Keep moving throughout the day.
  • Move without boredom.
  • Increase your energy level naturally.
  • Go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle.
  • Sit less.

A walking desk is NOT…

  • A replacement for cardio exercise (My active minutes above are a clear indicator of that).
  • A weight loss tool alone. (But it can plan a role.)
  • Difficult to get used to at all.

As you might imagine, folks have been asking me ALL kinds of questions. Next time, I will list out the most common questions I get and my answers.

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