A Slob Comes Clean

Are you drowning in clutter?

Do you feel at times like you are the anti-Martha?

When people talk about how often they clean their baseboards do you pause for a moment to even wonder if you even have baseboards– because it never occurred to you to clean them.

Does your fan look like this?


Speaking of fans, I have a friend I have been a fan of for years–and she claims their is hope for us…

A slob comes clean

Dana, aka Nony from A Slob Comes Clean, has been a source of entertainment and reality for me and my friends for quite some time.

I love her honesty.

Her humor.

Her ability to “get” me.

And, by “get” me I mean that she says the things I am thinking but ashamed to say out loud.

She makes me think that perhaps maybe I can dig out from my clutter one day.

I bought her book  28 Days to Hope for Your Home (affiliate link) and while I am still working on things, I have to tell you it is the first “organizing” book that has ever really made a difference for me… even though when I met her at Blissdom last week, I felt the need to confess to her what I didn’t do 😉

After reading her book I really did feel hopeful… and I believe that is because Dana is realistic and gets that people aren’t all the same… she also get’s that I am never going to be someone comfortable with white carpet or someone who always remembers to put away every little thing.

BUT, she little by little she is equipping me to the point where I don’t make everyone hit the deck every time someone knocks on the door… you think I am kidding…

That is why I am so excited about her new book Drowning in Clutter? Drain the Ocean! (Click here for a special deal to get both books ) (Affiliate Link).

I will bring the oceans and Nony is going to equip me with the Draino 😉

How about you… are you a clutter bug?

Clutter has been an issue for me– well since as long as I can remember.

I am ready to tackle this thing… little by little… just as soon as I finish my dishes…

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  • Lana Wallpe

    Me too!

    • crisgoode

      Meeting Dana was a delight. She makes me feel normal.

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