To Elf or Not to Elf

Dear Reader-

I recently ordered something from Amazon that I was uber excited about.

Then, I began seeing on the internets that my pending delivery was adding up to be one of the most controversial issues this season since Merry Christmas met Happy Holidays…

It seems there is a question out there that moms are asking themselves…

To elf or not to elf.

For those who may not be aware- Elf on the Shelf is a little fella or gal that shows up for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

He comes with a book that tells his story…  about how he travels back to the North Pole to see Santa each night and reappears in the house somewhere for her to find him the next morning. The book also asks you to name him. We named ours “Elf-vis”.

Some say he is weird or creepy… or that they don’t get him or want him… and some even go as far as to criticize those who do…

I agree, he does look a little creepy(and frankly, he is a little expensive)… and I totally agree that not all holiday traditions are for everyone… to each their own.

But I will tell you why I do it and wish I had done it sooner.

Miss Add is growing up way too fast.

She reads things I couldn’t read in the 3rd grade.

She can use an iPad better than most adults I know.

I can feel her childhood wonder slipping away little by little and I watch her try to hang onto it.

So when Santa (who the boy in her Kindergarten class told her “was dead”) sent us our “Elf-vis”, we welcomed him with open arms.

Elf-vis is a fun little guy.

He pops up in the oddest places and every morning  we just can’t wait to see what he has been up to…

She cheers with delight every time we find him and we just have an all around good time making memories with him.

She made him cookies last weekend and was so thrilled when he wrote her a note to say thanks.

Elf-vis has become a special little tradition for us… like stockings, cookies,  cocoa and Christmas songs.

Miss Add doesn’t care how simple or elaborate of a scenario she finds him in… it is finding him that is the fun.

He doesn’t replace the true meaning of Christmas in our house or make her fearful of being told on…

He simply makes my five year old smile.

And that is why I elf.

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  • Sheryl Mehary

    I love what you are doing with Elf-vis. I also love that you are trying to keep Miss Ad young. Kids today grow up way too fast.

    • crisgoode

      Thanks Sheryl! We are doing what we can 🙂

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