Dear Reader-

It has been a LONG time since I have written a random post.

I am not sure why…

They are certainly some of my favorite posts (and according to your emails, readers agree ;)).

I am in need of one that is for sure.

For procrastination’s sake if nothing else 😉

If you are new to GG, brace yourself for some GOODe old fashion rambling…


Puddie left for work today and gave Addie the best gift ever, while at the same time, giving me the worst gift ever.


Poor Ockie (Octavius) thought a gun was going off all night!

POP, Giggle, Bark… POP, Giggle, Bark… Rice Krispies has nothin’ on us.



I am the only person I know that can lose over 30 pounds and the inches that go with it and go UP a pants size!


My pants were getting too big for a belt to even help, so I got to digging in my closet to see if I could find something to get me through because I hate spending money on clothes during a weight loss… it seems so wasteful.

Then I saw a pair of jeans I bought online for Blissdom in the correct size (because my now too baggie pants were too tight back then) but when they arrived I couldn’t fit in them…

So of course I hid them from myself– deep in the closet out of sheer embarrassment –until this week when I unearthed them.

I looked at the tag, not recognizing them… and was bummed because they had to be “too big” according to the size.

Nope… fit just right much to my disappointment and delight all at the same time.

What can I say, I am a complicated woman!

I am now calling them my humble jeans… they put my weight loss humility right back into me…

I am now up a size not down a size in jeans!


Some days I ponder what on earth makes mean people so mean.

Then I stop reading comment sections on media sites, take a deep breath, close the browser window and try to focus on the good in human kind.


I just love acorn squash.

Love. It.


I have been reminded recently how unbelievably fun it is to give someone a gift that is just perfect for them…

Not in a “this is a self-help book YOU really need to read” sort of way, but in a thoughtful sort of way.

My mom was always and still so great at this…

I would love to just be half as thoughtful as she is… that and to inherit her packing skills 😉


POP, Giggle, Bark!



Ahhh that feels better.

I think I need more random in my life.

Or, at least on my blog.



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  • I LOVE BUBBLE WRAP, jean sizes are random & mean nothing-be proud of yourself, I hate acron squash, mean people suck and YOU are so very thoughtful! I love random too!

    • crisgoode

      I just heart you! You inspire me so much.

  • 🙂
    And I am with you on the jeans. It’s good to go up then down. It’s because you are losing inches, it’s disheartening but true. In a few days you will wear the jeans you have been waiting to wear. It’s just the empty ‘skin’. When I lost 165 pounds (of course 35 of that I have put back on) I didn’t seem to go down in sizes for a while then BAM! I had to buy new clothes! We in this house are following your progress (both of you) and it is SO exciting to see!
    And I am with you there on the social media negativity 😉

    • crisgoode

      Thanks for the encouragement. I know those numbers are all meaningless, I just got tickled with the thought of it all last night. Crazy mind games of the clothing industry!

  • Lana Wallpe

    The people who determine what size a pair of jeans “might” be do not EVER talk to each other or compare notes/measurements. One woman’s 12 is another woman’s 14 or 16 or 10. IT’s STUPID to put sizes on clothes if they don’t all mean the same thing. I can’t imagine figuring out fourth grade math with a ruler that changes randomly…..oh wait….K used the cm side to figure out an inches ? the other night. Never had a chance to get the right answer, poor kid. UGH! It’s hard to figure out fourth grade math PERIOD! Who remembers what mode, median, and mean is/are? Sheesh! Speaking of mean….:-P on all media comments… I swear reading them is like looking at the Walmart picture galleries. Don’t go there; you just know what you are going to see and read before you click! Bubble wrap and balloons are always on my sh** list. I cannot abide the noise or anticipation of the “POP” I know is coming. It all just shatters my nerves! Lastly back to the pants thing….. you are a name, C.R.I.S. or M.O.M.M.Y; you are not a number! “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” I just loved that part of the movie! 🙂 Now go hide that bubble wrap!

    • crisgoode

      I love that movie and that line too!

  • Joy Carlton

    Your girl looks exactly like you!

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