Don’t Touch Me!

So yesterday we went grocery shopping.

The LONG grocery trip… not the short ones that are just for fresh veggies and fruit.

We picked the perfect spot for our bi-weekly trip to the big box store… circling the parking lot to find THE cart.

You know the one.

The one Miss Add can sit in comfortably while I drag it (have you ever tried to steer those things?!?) around the store for two hours.

We make our way to the only one in sight and I stop Miss Add from barreling across the parking lot to get to it.

We are finally there and she has a seat and up walks a mama with two kiddos Add’s age and a baby on her hip.

So, I explain to Miss Add we need to let her have it and go traipsing across the parking lot looking for another one to no avail.

Back inside, we decide she will just walk which isn’t normally a big deal. Definitely not convenient or efficient, but it’ll do.

That is until about aisle 3 when Miss Add touches the cart and sparks pop.

Static electricity.

We snap, crackle, popped our way through out that whole store.

And it was bad.

Like electric fence bad… (jarring bad for you non-farm folk).

Which led Miss Add to yelp out and become convinced that it was all me.

Mommy was electric…boogie woogie.

So for oh, the last hour or so, every time I would come within arms link of her in a crowded grocery store Add would yell from a place of fear…  “Don’t touch me MOMMY!”

Now my little lady can be rambunctious from time to time, but she never behaves like that in public.

She was truly scared of getting the tar shocked out of her (and I didn’t blame her, they were starting to really hurt).

BUT, that was only making her cries of “Don’t touch me Mommy!” even more believable to an unknowing by-standard and making Mommy a little scared that someone was going to call the authorities by aisle 9!

Well we survived the trip… And I only explained myself like 4 times before checkout.

As we walked out to the car, Miss Add barely believed me that the electricity was gone, but I finally persuaded her.

It would have been all for not, except today when she was headed out to FedEx with her Daddy and I whispered “Make sure you don’t let Daddy shock you at the store.”

Tee Hee 😉

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