6 Things I Hide When Someone Comes Over

Dear Reader-

I was recently struck, when reading one of my favorite blogs, by how much I miss just writing for the sake of telling a random story or telling on the everyday.

Then I ran across List Your Self and I was so glad I did not judge a book by its cover, because I just love the writing prompts inside the book.

Which got me thinking… Wouldn’t it be fun to just do random lists on the blog every once and a while about the everyday?

And thus, a new series is born that I hope to have a lot of fun with 🙂

Tonight’s LISTed is all about the 6 things I Hide When Someone Comes Over…

Oh, Dear Reader… I hope you know this about me by now, but I do not keep a well kept home.

I so wish I did.

I have at times…

But it is so not my natural state.

At. All.

Which brings me to the first thing.

1. Me

Nothing but honesty here…

If I don’t know you, there is about a 98.9% chance I will not answer the door.

I have been known to hide… yes hide… all while threatening the dog and the child not to make a peep.

If I do know you and you have decided to drop by unannounced, I do question how well you really know me… and then you have about a 50-50 chance.

I know it is ridiculous.

But it is the truth and the way I see it is we all have 900 billion ways to contact each other these days.

So call, text, email, tweet, facebook… heck send smoke signals and give a girl a minute, k?

2. Counter Clutter

Now if I know you and you have given me ample time (a year or more… I kid… kind of) I may open the door… but only after hiding a great deal of counter clutter. I don’t know where the stuff comes from and I certainly don’t know what to do with it which is why it goes immediately to #3.

3. Catch-All Room

Under no circumstances… under sentence of penalty of death… shall any family member open the Catch-All Room door while guests are in the house.

4. Clothes

I am not sure what happens in our house.

We all have closets.

We all walk around clothed.

But somehow, no matter how hard I try, random pieces of clothing literally clothe shared spaces.

As I type this, there are no less than 4 different sweatshirts in the living room and 6 pairs of shoes!

5. Paper

I am not sure how we are in the virtual age and still generate so much paper!

I try to make it a rule for myself to always go through the mail outside and not allow the stuff in the house, but it still finds a way.

Oh magazine from 2002, I will get around to you soon.

Oh flyer to store I never make it to, I have good intentions.

Oh coupon stack, why ya gotta go and expire on me so soon?

6.  Dirty Dishes

I could just finish doing the dishes and I will always miss one or have one “soakin'” –which we all know just means we are tired and want to go to bed.

But- No. Matter. What. If there is a knock on the door, there is at least a dish or two in the sink.


So, how about you? Do you hide anything before someone “drops” by?

Or, is your home always put together?

Warning: if the answer is the latter, I may just have to kidnap you and make you come and teach me what I am doing wrong 😉

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I am the mama behind GOODEness Gracious and the owner of Cris Goode Solutions. Here at GOODEness Gracious, we like to keep it light and fun as we cook up family meals, share our super mommy secrets and chat it up about the GOODe life:) So come on in and sit a spell.

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  • I also have one spare bedroom that is a catch-all room, and a clutter drawer, that everything that doesn’t seem to have a place goes into. Enjoyed the blog.

    • crisgoode

      I am missing the clutter drawer… I need one. BUT I am afraid my Catch All room more than makes up for it at present state.

  • Sheryl Mehary

    We could be sisters. You are just like me only younger. I am old enough to be your mother and I am still doing it.

    • crisgoode

      Sheryl- That is both comforting (I’m not alone) and yet makes me worry that I will never figure it out 😉 But hey– I think we are pretty cool people regardless… clutter and all!

  • disqus_JueuwJjJEG

    That was one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. I’m one of those weirdos I guess that cannot stand anyone dropping in on me. Most of the time and I kid you not I’m in the bathroom (on the u know what) or I’m in the shower or under the weather (runny nose, coughing etc.) Ugh don’t people call and or set a proper date/time to meet anymore? I do not ever do that to people because I know how life is. I call first or just drop something off and leave. And even though I know this is no excuse but because I am a working single mom and have been for almost 6 years now there are always some type of toys on the floor, dishes in the sink and dusting/vacuuming to be done. And yes I too have been known to hide until one of my friends almost called the police because I didn’t answer the door. I can’t even hide or bypass a phone call anymore. Lol

    • crisgoode

      I do not know how folks control clutter with kiddos. The paper alone! I can’t believe your friend called the police! That is too funny.

      • disqus_JueuwJjJEG

        She almost called the police til I finally let her in. We are still good friends but i’ve given up hiding from her or dodging her phone calls. Her agenda wins every time over mine. Lol

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Chris at least you make the effort to hide-yourself and things from friends and strangers-I gave up and say take me as I am or don’t knock on my door! As I sit in the bonus room typing this I see 2 pairs of jeans, 9 socks (not pair’s but individual socks, 3pair of shoes but no shirts and thankfully no underwear)! My sister taught me a saying a long time ago -I only clean for guests and don’t have tofor friends so if you come in my house consider yourself a friend! YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE CRIS!
    PS I typed this on ‘my’ smartphone so any errors are not my fault!

    • Jennifer Campbell

      Like the first word! I know how to spell your name but this phone doesn’t!

      • crisgoode

        Ha! That made me laugh!

    • crisgoode

      I LOVE your philosophy and honestly, I have let up a little… after finding friends who are lax about it when I visit and it makes me feel so much better. But when I visit a home that has no clutter I am in awe. Absolute awe.

  • I had to laugh at your list…..mostly because it sounds almost exactly like something I would write! My number 1 would DEFINITELY be ME as well. Just a few weeks ago, a girl that I am not particularly friends with and used to work with randomly came to my door on a Sunday around 2pm. Not expecting anyone for me (I figured it was for the kiddo…) I opened the door in no makeup, my hair ratty in a horrid ponytail, and wearing my “around the house” sweatshirt and baggy sweats. There she was impeccably dressed with her boyfriend (whom I do not know that well) to “just say hi??”. Anyway, after letting them in, I found out that they wanted me and my fiance to purchase some stuff from her daughter’s FFA group!! Now granted…I do not even know this girl, nor does she go to the school around here. So….talk about awkward!!! I didn’t want anything but bought some cookie dough (just because..) and then they ended up staying for about TWO HOURS!! After that, I told everyone in the house that if ANYONE comes to the door for me and they aren’t recognized, tell them I am out with a friend!!! LOL

    • crisgoode

      Aw man! Unexpected guest AND sales all in the same “drop by”… you my dear are a better woman than I!

  • Thank you for the Sunday morning chuckle. Love your story. I hide around the corner when the unexpected decides to ring my bell; counter clutter (can’t see the counter); I don’t have a catch all room … YIKES; clothes, paper (I got the expired coupons ;), and dirty dishes…don’t they all need to soak? Love your receipes and your blog, you may have inspired me!

    • crisgoode

      So glad to know I am not alone!

  • OK Gallie, If you know me, you know my house. If you don’t know me, you aren’t getting in my house. LOL

    • crisgoode

      Preach it! A saleswoman came to my house in the middle of the day one day and when I told her no thanks and that I was busy she got really offended. I thought it was odd that she just show up and expect to walk right in.

  • I determined I need a catch all room! Actually it is turning into my closet. I hide all those things you mentioned. I even hid baskets of CLEAN clothes in the back of my car once before guests arrived. My closets were full!

  • I’ve learned the VERY HARD WAY to hide my Medication for back pain, Now own safe, where they stay! Also Jewelry, people are too nosy! Who hasn’t ever opened someone else’s Medicine Cabinet?? I confess to having done so!

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