Gooseberry Patch Harvest Table Cookbook Giveaway

Dear Reader-

I have been one busy bee this week! I got back from vacation only to discover that I totally forgot my Early Bird Review of Gooseberry Patch’s brand new- not yet in stores- cookbook, The Harvest Table!

So I asked my lovely Facebook Community to help me quickly pick a few things to whip up and DUDE, you guys can pick some winners… just sayin’

As you might imagine, The Harvest Table is a fall inspired cookbook, however, it will hit store shelves soon to give you plenty of time to plan filling those fall feasts with yumminess like Harvest Time Pork Loin, Sweet Potato Baskets, Brown Sugar Glazed Ham, Granny’s Cornbread Dressing, Holiday Brined Turkey, Hazel’s Stuffing Balls and Caesar Green Beans 😉

Sounds great for the Holidays, right? Oh but there are still PLEN-TY of yummy things you could make right away…

Things like…

Honey Garlic Drumsticks (Recipe Coming Soon)– which just so happen to be my favorite of the recipes!

Slim Down Veggie Soup– Yum!

Brisket Roll Sandwiches (Recipe coming soon)- Pud’s still raving and drooling over these!

Oatmeal Cherry Cookies (Recipe coming soon)- This cookie was made for my cherry loving Add, but you could easily use dried cranberries, raisins or even blueberries for a different twist.

The fam has given this book two HUGE thumbs up with just what I have cooked/baked up so far!

Later this week we will give Homestyle Oatmeal Bread, Savory Pork Loin, Cam’s Trail Mix Cookies and Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins a try.

Well enough about us… how about we give ya’all a copy?

Check out Rafflecopter box below to enter to win. (Email and feed subscribers must visit the blog to enter.)

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Disclaimer: Gooseberry Patch gave me both a book to keep and one to giveaway. However, my addiction to their cookbooks is totally on me 😉 Affiliate links were also used in this post… Mama’s gotta buy some cookbooks… just sayin’

About Cris
I am the mama behind GOODEness Gracious and the owner of Cris Goode Solutions. Here at GOODEness Gracious, we like to keep it light and fun as we cook up family meals, share our super mommy secrets and chat it up about the GOODe life:) So come on in and sit a spell.

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  • That honey garlic chicken looks delicious! Peanut butter cookies are my favorite. I would love to see more ideas of things to do with pork chops. I never know how to fix them.

  • heather c

    Hard to choose just one favorite cookie!  But I do love Russian Tea Cookies.

  • heather c

    I would love some canning recipes! 

  • Love these cookbooks! Just started my collection of them a few months ago and I have 5!

  • LOVE GOOSEBERRY PATCH!!! The recipes that I am dying to try is the honey garlic drumsticks and Hazel’s stuffing balls!

  • Bethany Richter

    The stuffing balls sound amazing!!

  • Bethany Richter

    My favorite  kind of cookie is chocolate chip macadamia nut. Mmmm!!

  • Bethany Richter

    I’d love to see more recipes that can be made using 1-5 ingredients. 

  • I love the no bake cookies ! Thanks for entering me in your give away  …I love Goose Berry Patch Cook books !!!

  • I love Snickerdoodles! They smell so good baking.

  • I would love to see some more slow cooker recipes.

  • I subscribe to your emails.

  • Love brownies…well, actually like anything sweet!

  • Love these cookbooks, I turn to them over and over!

  • Love the slow cooker recipes…put it in and let the cooker do the work. My husband is crazy about your Pepperoncini Roast Beef! 

  • Spicy chocolate cookies are my favorite.The secret is cayenne.

  • Maureen Gallagher Burns

    I like a white chocolate chip cherry cookie.

  • I love the Almond Cloud cookies from the King Arthur Flour site.  They bake the best with the almond paste sold by KA as opposed to almond paste from the supermarket in  the solo cans.

  • I love gooseberry patch cookbooks and would love to win one. Thank you.

  • hollyswalker

    This would feed my Gooseberry Patch addiction quite nicely…  😉

  • kykitty

    my favorite cookie is oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip!!!

  • kykitty

    The only thing I can think of that I would love to see more of is the same things you are doing.

  • 92301

    My favorite cookie is a ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie!

  • 92301

    More slow cooker recipes would be great!

  • L Morris

    I love oatmeal cookies…with or without additions to them such as raisins, choc chips, coconut, dried fruit, etc.

  • L Morris

    Low-fat recipes

  • love gooseberry patch cookbooks – have some of the originals – would love to win this one thanks for the give away-   Peanut butter blossoms with the hershey kiss on top

  • keep on reviewing gooseberry patch cookbooks

  • my favorite cookie is oatmeal with macadamin nuts, yummy.

  • I love your blog and hearing about Miss Add.  Hope her leg is getting better.  Thank you for your recipes and everything you write.  Keep up the good work.

  • lynneha103

    I would love to see more chicken slow cooker recipes.  I am dying to sink my teeth into the Honey Garlic Drumsticks!  My favorite cookie is peanut butter.  Thanks for the chance to win a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook!  I love them.

  • Rosalind Dickinson

    My favorite cookie is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

  • Rosalind Dickinson

    I would love to have you review my recipe which appears in this cookbook on page 6
    “Roz’s Brunch Casserole”  This is my first published recipe and I was so excited to see it as the first recipe in the cookbook.  To have my recipe reviewed would only be a bonus *LOL*  I’m giddy, like a kid on Christmas morning!!!

  • Mary Tullila

    Favorite kind of cookie is oatmeal raisin.

  • any kind of cookie!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary C

    Favorite kind of cookie is chocolate chunk chip cookies… ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  • Mary C

    I would love to see some more crock pot recipes…. ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  • Mary C

    I pinned chicken and dressing casserole here…..……..ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  • Mary C
  • carrotcake55

    My favorite cookie is dishpan cookies.

  • carrotcake55

    I would like to see more old-fashioned type cookies.

  • carrotcake55

    I am a subscriber.

  • my favorite is a banana oatmeal.  they are soft and chewing . 


  • love the yummy recipes

    like diy things that are easy to do

  • nannyrae2003

    My favorite cookie is a Lazy Cookie with the coconut and walnuts added. It’s the first cookie I remember my mom making.

  • nannyrae2003

    I hope you’ll share the Oatmeal Bread recipe!

  • ehatch

    My favorite is shortbread cookies.

  • ehatch

    I would like to see some easy summer meals…salads, grilled things, easy and cool.

  • W W

    My favorite cookie is my grandmother’s recipe called a Fruit Snap, which is a chewy molasses cookie with raisins.

  • cindyskitchen

    My favorite kind of cookie Oatmeal.

  • cindyskitchen

    What I would like to see on GOODEness Gracious in the future is  more quick, easy, one pot meals.

  • Fave cookie is choc. chip with nuts

  • I would always like to see more recipes!

  • Grandmas fluffy sugar cookie with icing will always be my go to cookie

  • I would love to see strawberry cheesecake made a little healthy show up in the near future 😉  

  • And I also love the face there is a cookbook for ALL seasons from Gooseberry.  

  • rhondaree

    My favorite cookie is Rocky Road Cookies.

  • rhondaree

    I love your blog and love everything about it! I am always looking for new rcipes and DIY easy projects.

  • I don’t have a favorite Gooseberry cookbook or a Gooseberry recipe; I love them all, and my shelves prove it!

  • Joan Osborne

    My favorite cookie is my daughter’s homemade chocolate chip

  • My favorite cookie is the one my Grandmother used too make…..Mamoul.  This cookie recipe was submitted years ago, by me, to Gooseberry and was published in “Family Favorites”.

  • My favorite cookie is Chocolate with white chips!

  • Marie Pitts

    Ginger Snap Cookies…..ooooooooooooo i do love them. Thanks alot Cris, now i have to go make a batch!! lol arlene Marie Pitts email

  • Marie Pitts

    I would like to see Goode Gracious’ list of what her children’s favorite foods are.

  • I LOVE Gooseberry Patch! <3

  • April80

    My favorite all time cookie is chocolate chip cookies! Would like more recipes on different cakes.

  • boogiesnana

    my favorite cookie is anything chocolate

  • boogiesnana

    easier way to enter. I dont tweet,so that unfair if you go by number of entries and I dont like blogging

  • Favorite kind of cookie, i like just plain sugar cookies, i love them warm

  • My favorite cookie is peanut butter!

  • Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies with a drizzle of chocolate

  • I would love to win. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us. 

  • Definitely chocolate chip all the way.

  • I’d like to see some recipes with healthier ingredients.  It’s fun to splurge sometimes, but whole wheat flour and honey can bake up some yumminess, too!

  • eveningstar888

    The recipes sound enticing…something that I would make!  Maybe I will win it.

  • love your cookbooks have quite a few and also give them as gifts

  • Marie Pitts

    Congratulations Lorraine, you are lucky!!! arlene Marie Pitts

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