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Oh Dear Reader-

Do I have a treat for you! My GOODe friends at Gooseberry Patch sent me their 10th Anniversary Edition of their classic Meals in Minutes and I was so darn excited because it was on my wish list!

And, it sooo did not disappoint!

Truth be told, since my recent re-commitment to losing this weight, I was a little bummed  knowing I had this review coming up.

I so love a great recipe full of all the yummy flavors that Gooseberry Patch recipes are known for, but much to my delight, I found it very easy to find recipes to fit into my diet with the help of the recipe builder at

And the flavors were totally there as expected…

The Ham and Pineapple Kabobs were A-MAZING. (Recipe Coming Soon)

I am so going to make these on a regular basis…

I also found an delicious recipe for Chicken and Bowties that I converted to Chicken and Penne (recipe coming soon) so that I could use my Smart Taste pasta.

At 383 calories per serving, this yummy healthy helping is packed with asparagus and just the right amount of Parmesan to broil up with a nice cheesy crunch. Forget Lean Cusine… this is so going in my lunch.

Puddie is in love with the Strawberry Angel Bites (recipe coming soon) that he calls a light and airy version of strawberry shortcake.  For sugar-free folks, this recipe can also be easily converted to a sugar free treat.

My favorite treat so far? It has to be the Peanut Butter Power Squares. These are like a homemade protein bars, filled with fiber and a touch of yummy sweetness via the honey and dried cherries hidden inside.

Needless to say I am hooked!

Our whole menu next week is planned from this book: Guacamole Salad, Quick and Easy Veggie Soup, Basil-Asparagus Penne, Summer Raspberry Chicken… YUM!

So, enough about me… how about we let one of you give this book a whirl… GP sent me a copy for one of you too!

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Gooseberry Patch sent me two copies of this cookbook. One to review and one to giveaway. Amazon links are affiliate links as always.

About Cris
I am the mama behind GOODEness Gracious and the owner of Cris Goode Solutions. Here at GOODEness Gracious, we like to keep it light and fun as we cook up family meals, share our super mommy secrets and chat it up about the GOODe life:) So come on in and sit a spell.

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  • Melanie Rodeffer

    Favorite way to make someone’s day? Show a little love. That could be hugging my son when he is sad, helping my daughter make lunch and telling her what a good job she did.

    •  Putting smiles on faces though homemade cooked meals

  • Melanie Rodeffer

    Casseroles and quick dinners . . .  I’d love to see more of that.

  • I get the first comment!  I need quick meals to cook, and the ones that the reviewer mentioned sounded wonderful

  • Shiney Aim

    I love to send notes and cards (using snail mail)!  🙂

  • Bethany Richter

    I am told that I make people’s days with my sense of humor. In fact, I have people that subscribe to my facebook account and my blog that don’t even know me and vice versa, but they come over because they like my sense of humor.  =)

  • Bethany Richter

    I would love to see more low-fat recipes in the future. I’m also on a new diet. I <3 Gooseberry, but I'm on a major diet. [I've lost 30 lb since 1/1/12!]  =)

  • ehatch

    I send text messages every day to my grown kids saying “love you”.

  • ehatch

    I would love to see more summer salad ideas…too hot to cook.

  • Telling them that I love them and giving them a hug!

  • createwithlibby

    by making them something yummy – or sending something I have handcrafted in the mail

  • createwithlibby

    Slow cooker and one pan meals

  • Putting smiles on faces of loved ones though food 

  • homemade icecreams would also be great posts for the future 

  • leaving them a encouraging note


  • DIY home decor/crafts, etc.

  • Fav way to make my husband’s day is to unexpectedly tell him how much your grateful for that he is in my life.

  • I’d like to see some more pastry goodies.

  • My favorite way to make my family’s day is to take lunch and/or supper to the farm so we can all eat together…this cookbook would make for some yummy recipes for them!

  • I’d love to see more of your healthy weight loss recipes!

  • I like to try and think of something in particular that the certain what each child would like most (within reason and budget) and do that (i.e. make a cake or special meal/snack).

  • I love to see more budget friendly recipes that include more veggies (to hid for the kids) and that are somewhat healthy.

  • Sounds like my kinda recipe book.  Thanks for the give-away-win or lose its fun to play.

  • woulda pinned the ham kabobs but pineterest hasn’t worked for me all day.

  • rhondaree

    I love doing random acts of kindness….the unexpected baked goods, the unexpected pick-me-up note, soda/coffee, the unexpected hug, etc.

  • rhondaree

    My husband I have become recent empty nesters & the hubby doesn’t like leftovers. I’d love to see more quick, easy meals for 2. I love using the crockpot since I’m always short on time from the time I get home from work & the time I have to wake the hubby for work & dinner.

  • tnicholson

    Would love the Gooseberry Patch cookbook!

  • slrdowney

    I like baking desserts for people.

  • slrdowney

    I like to cook by using recipes without a lot of processed ingredients–mainly ingredients from my garden so would like to see recipes  like that.

  • I’ve got a drawing app on my Kindle that I can create little doodles and send them via email, or FaceBook… it’s fun to send a bright little “thinking of you” note for someone else! =)


  • I collect Gooseberry Cookbooks. I love the recipes and the stories behind them.
    I would LOVE to add this cookbook to my large collection!!

  • Traci Winchell

    LOVE GP and have several of their cookbooks – this too is on my wishlist!  Thanks for the reviews – looking forward to getting this cookbook!

  • Valerie Jackson

    My favorite way to make someone’s day: I love to write notes or give little treats to my family.

  • Valerie Jackson

    I love all your recipes! And I love the weight loss ideas you are sharing. I can’t think of anything else I’d like to see. 🙂

  • I love!  I’ll have to check out that feature.

  • These recipes sound great.  I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  • I love sharing goodies.

  • I would love for you to share how you got to be a GP reviewer.

  • Teri Brian

    Cris, the power bars look great.  Please enter me in your drawing.  Thanks!  Teri 

  • Teri Brian

    Chris, I visited Gooseberry Patch.  🙂  Teri

  • Teri Brian

    I love Gooseberry Patch, the cookbooks, calendars & the Girls!  🙂  Teri

  • I make someones day by baking them cookies! thanks!

  • Lana Wallpe

    Looks awesome!

  • Love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!  Havent found one yet that I couldnt cook from!

  • I like to make someone’s day with a cup of Starbucks–I pay for the person in the drivethru behind me!

  • I would like to see a post on coleslaw!

  • I love Gooseberry–I like to get their catalogs–I always want to buy all the different kinds of mixing bowls they have!

  • I pinned the Zippy Shredded pork on Pinterest!

  • Carla Kidwell

    Ii like to make people feel special and lsitening to them about their lives.

  • Carla Kidwell

    I would like to see more receipes like the ones you did in this post.

  • Carla Kidwell

    I pinned your broccli cheesy bake.

  • Shannon Bever

    I cannot wait to get the recipe for your Chicken and Penne.  The picture looked delicious.  I am waiting on my invite to Pinterest to be able to start pinning.

  • Heather Galbraith

    I just listen. It always helps if someone has a bad day!

  • Heather Galbraith

    Not sure. I love the site as is!

  • I can’t wait to make the chicken and penne! I’m pinning on Pinterest!

  • It all sounds wonderful

  • avacado salad?  I need that recipe

  • Danielle Glascock

    I like to make peoples day by surprising them by cooking them a dinner or offering just to help with some daily tasks its fun to help someone be less stressed and so they dont have to do it by themselves 🙂 

  • Danielle Glascock

    I really cant wait to see the recipe for the ham and pineapple kabobs!

  • I LOVE THESE COOK BOOKS I must have about 10+ in my kitchen

  • Hope I get the chance to check this out!  Sounds AMAZING!

  • suesueg44

    i would love to add this to my gooseberry collection.sue gibson

  • I love anything that Gooseberry puts out, not one bad recipe.
    Melissa Dalton

  • Sounds like a great cookbook, thanks Cris!

  • I’d love to see your healthy recipes on here too!

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