Fresh Peach Pie

There are few things that my dad likes more than peach desserts.
So it was only fitting that when I was flipping through Sweet and Simple — preparing for my second of 10 recipes that I am cooking/baking on behalf of the Real Farmwives of America and Friends— and saw this recipe for Fresh Peach Pie– I knew what I was making for Father’s Day.
First, I took 1/3 Cup of Flour…
1 Cup of Sugar
and 1/2 Stick of Butter
Mix up until crumbly and set aside.
Meanwhile in a pie plate near you… Take one pie crust and add a layer of peaches.
Sprinkle some of your mixture over the the top of your peaches and repeat…
And mixture… and repeat until all them peaches (and mixture) are gone…
Now put your top crust on and flute your edges… or just press them shut with a fork like I did…
Make sure to cut some vents so this baby can let off some steam… nothing like pent up peach rage… just sayin’
Now sprinkle on 1 T of Sugar…  And pop into a 350 degree and bake up for 45 minutes or until the crust is golden.
Now a word about the um… well… amateur rustic looking nature of my pie… 
As I have shared before… Martha doesn’t live here… and, besides… ya know when you go to a pitch in and you see a pie and you wonder to yourself “Is that homemade or store bought?”… 
Well, folks won’t wonder when seeing my pies… your welcome…
Dad took one bite and told everyone that it was awful.
I smiled.
That is Dad’s way of saying it was so good he wanted it all to himself.
To further his point he took all the leftovers home 🙂
Psst… after I made this baby I realized the recipe was by Gerri Phillips of Paoli, IN– My home town!
How cool as that… I asked Dad if he know her and low and behold told me that it was none other than my bloggy bud Jamie‘s mom! Small world 😉
Tomorrow I will share my third of the 10 recipes– FREEZE-O-RAMA style– Always Ready Pie Crust Mix… perfect to keep in the pantry for a pie crust in a jiff. 
Oh and in case you were wondering. Gooseberry Patch sent me this book to check out and at the end of my 10 recipes one lucky GOODEness Gracious reader will win a copy of their own of this delightful Sweet & Simple cookbook.

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  • ann

    I may have to try that pie. Really like peach pie.

  • Cranberry Morning

    Peach is my favorite. How I would love a piece of warm peach pie. It looks delicious! BTW, Miss Add's hair looks so cute! 🙂

    Be sure to stop in at Cranberry Morning today and enter my handcrafted soap GIVEAWAY!! 🙂

  • April

    Wow, It IS a small world! I live just 7 miles from Paoli!

    The pie looks delicious, and Peach is one of mine and my hubby's favorites. I'm a failure when it comes to pie crust. I may try your recipe though and see how it goes.

  • Lark (SparkyLarky)

    It looks like it was a hit!
    And looks like I will just have to open up my GP cook Book and make one this week as well. 🙂

  • Kerin

    Yum! Peach pie! Certainly looks like a summer time treat to me 🙂
    We won't be getting fresh peaches here in Utah, until late summer. Gonna have to bake me up a pie now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Peach pie is my favorite and this sound yummy!

  • lou

    It was YUUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYY! And I LOVE the plate you displayed it on for the picture 😉

  • ~Jamie~

    It's one of my favorites too! 😉 I shared with Mom your story about how "awful" the pie was 🙂 she loved it and couldn't stop laughing. BTW, Martha has nothing on Cris Goode! 🙂

    ***Check me out…..I'm posting!!!! :)))) Not sure what my lil geeky (whom I <3 so much) computer tech did, but he fixed it!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • apple blossom

    that does look yummy not sure if my first post went through.

  • Just this… Alice

    We are a peach loving bunch around here and I can hardly wait to try this recipe. It seems much different and easier than the one I currently use.

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