Ezra’s Sugar Cookies (In the Kitchen Recipe #1)

Oh Dear Reader-
Today I have a special treat for your that is just perfect for birthday parties or showers or just about anytime when you need something pretty and sweet.
This recipe for Ezra’s Sugar Cookies comes from Simple and Sweet.
I baked up this batch of cookies as a part of a Real Farmwives of America & Friends project.

Ya see, RFOA readers voted and choose for me to bake/cook 10 recipes from this little book and at the end of the 10 recipes, you guys get a special treat… 

You guessed it– not only did Gooseberry Patch send me a free copy of this book,  they sent me one to give away to you!

And here is the awesome part… there are 18 other RFOA bloggers giving away 18 other books! If you want to connect with them (and be in the know), each Tuesday we announce a new blogger and every Thursday, we do a recipe recap that links you to each of the girls recipes. Just check out the Real Farmwives to keep current on all the awesome opportunities to win cookbooks!

Anyhoo… back to the cookies!

First you cream 1 cup of softened butter with 1 cup of sugar, 1 egg and 1 t Almond Extract…
Get the pure stuff… imitation almond extract is not allowed.
Meanwhile combine your dry ingredients in a separate bowl– 3 cups Flour and 2 t Baking Powder.
Now roll your dough out and cut into shapes… we went no nonsense this time… since we planned on adding the flower icing… usually we like to go with all kinds of crazy shapes.
Place your cookies on a silpat lined cookie sheet. Ya know how much I love my silpat folks… soo worth it!
Bake them up at 400 degrees for 6-7 minutes and cool on a rack.
Now take 6 T of softened Butter
Add 1 1/2 lbs Powdered Sugar
2 T Whole Milk
1 t Almond Extract
Holy Yumminess Batman šŸ˜‰
Wilton 2104-6667 12 Piece Cupcake Decorating Set
Now if you want to make the pretty roses, just grab a cupcake kit and use the 1M tip here. (Psst… my decorating inspiration was totally from Pinterest)
You just start in the middle and swirl the icing in circles around itself…
It really is easier than it seems…
I was a little scared of it until I gave it a try… and I was shocked at how easy it was… 
The best part? If you mess up–just scrape it off and start over šŸ™‚
Pretty šŸ™‚
Now I grabbed these cool color mist spray food coloring.
Spray a little…
A little more…
Ta Dah!
You can always use multiple colors or even do a base icing in a color and highlight with a different color… the options are endless!
Miss Add approves

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