Freezing Cookie FAQs

Since posting about my cookie freezing plans and subsequent cookie posts, I have got a lot of questions about several different things, so I thought I’d address them here for all to see.

How do you freeze cookies? Does it affect the taste? How do you thaw them?
I have come to learn that folks have been freezing Christmas cookies for ages. So all you pros out there, feel free to chime in.  I just stumbled across the idea this year– when I saw it on LifeAsMom.

Truth be told, I was a little skeptical when she said a pre-baked frozen cookie would thaw within minutes, but it is true. I just pop them on a plate and within minutes they are ready to be devoured–tasting the same as they did the day they were baked- Yum!

I just heart that several baking sessions can be combined on a plate a little at a time throughout the season.

I just bake ’em up. Cool them on a rack and then bag them in freezer bags one layer thick and then squeeze all the air out. Then lay them flat until frozen. After frozen, you can combine bags to take up less room.

I am sure you could probably skip a step and layer the cookies right off the bat with parchment paper…

Glad Press'n Seal 2-Pack

That or you could use Press and Seal in a freezer-friendly storage container to keep the air out and allow for lots of layering straight from the cooling rack.

Where can I get those sucker sticks from your Tasty Cookie Pops post?

Lollipop Sticks 50/Pkg-4

I used Wilton’s 4 inch Lollipop Sticks 50 pk . You can order them from Amazon or pick them up at Walmart in the craft aisle next to all the cake decorating supplies. They are just a couple dollars for 50.

Where can I get a brownie pan like the one used in your The BEST Blondies post?

I used Wilton’s Bake it Better 12 Bar Cavity Pan . I got it at Walmart… are we seeing a trend here? Calphalon has a similar pan on Amazon, if you are an Amazon fan: Calphalon Classic Bakeware Dessert Bar Pan.

I totally heart this pan! So many creative ways to use it 🙂

How do you get sprinkles on the cookies and not all over Santa’s helpers and EVERYWHERE else?
This is a tip I blogged about in the Tasty Cookie Pop post that I picked up from Pillsbury. Use a muffin tin to keep everything contained!

I also like a reader’s suggestion of using a baggie and dropping the cookie in and shakin’ it up for some mess free sprinkles!

Happy Baking!!!


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  • Kerin

    Great tips!
    I love that Wilton 12 section pan !!
    I use a similar pan to make mini-meatloafs.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  • Cranberry Morning

    All good tips! Thanks for answering the questions.

  • Cranberry Morning

    All good tips! Thanks for answering the questions.

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