For Gilbert’s Sake

“GILBERT! G-I-L-B-E-R-T! gilbert? Where are you?”

4 am this morning, that is what I awake to blaring over Addie’s monitor.

I roll over and wake up Mike because he is a dad and daddies manage to be able to sleep through these things while mommies awake regularly to listen to monitor static. Truth be told I envy his ability to sleep through anything, but mother nature has another idea… I am the mom.

“Mike… Mike… where is Gilbert?…Addie is calling for him.”

Gilbert is Addie’s favorite stuffed animal–a grey cat that resembles her favorite cartoon character’s–Caillou’s— pet cat. You guessed it, Caillou’s cat is named Gilbert. Gilbert goes EVERYWHERE with Addie.

“Mike… we aren’t going to be able to sleep without Gilbert. Where is he?”

GASP!!! A groggy Mike awakes suddenly in horror.

“I forgot Gilbert at Grandma’s today.”

“Well, you gotta go explain it to her or we aren’t going to get any sleep.”

Daddy walks downstairs as Add continues to bawl.

“GILBERT, where are you?”

I listen intently over the monitor… this is gonna be good. (I know that sounds awful, but it is the truth!) Ain’t nothing better than listening to that 2 year old wrap that tough guy around her finger:)

Mike hides behind a monkey puppet (at 4 am! Did I mention what an amazing father he is!!) and tries to have him break the ice… but Add ain’t playin‘ no games. Gilbert is missing and she wants answers. Broken hearted she asked her Daddy one more time, “Where’s Gilbert Daddy? Find him…”

I seriously thought he was going to get in the truck and drive to grandma’s. Her sad little eyes had him in their grips.

Daddy then begins to explain to her how Gilbert is at Grandma’s and that Grandma was sleeping with him tonight. Addie calms, but asks a few more times to make sure. Daddy reassures her that we will get Gilbert tomorrow and offers her Pig and Monkey. Neither of which she would allow in her bed, but agrees to go back to bed. (Poor Pig and Monkey… it was only weeks ago– before that darn cat– they were regulars at the crib.)

As Mike heads back up the stairs, I overhear Addie.

“He found him.”

Her daddy will always be her hero.

So… what is a mommy to do the next day?

Go directly to Kohls and to purchase our latest insurance policy:

Gilbert 2 and Gilbert 3. Otherwise known as the best $10 bucks ever spent.



Monkey at peace with her Gilbert

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