Ahhh El, my dear old friend. Some days she annoys the crap out of me–sitting there–constantly judging me. Subjecting me to the way SHE thinks I should behave. Truth be told, I don’t think Mike likes her very much either. He simply refuses to deal with her most of the time.

Then there are other days–days when I absolutely love her. She is so helpful in meeting my goals (on her terms of course) of losing weight, de-stressing, finding energy and feeling good about myself. And, I just love it when we watch my favorite tv shows together.

Ya see El is my elliptical. (Clever name that I can’t take credit for– a friend of a friend once named her’s Ellie and I loved it!)
I got El years ago and she helped me lose tons of weight –twice (pre and post Monkey). She has been callin’ lately, tellin’ me she misses me. She knows I need her and she is relentless.
She has promised all kinds of things: weight loss, smaller clothes, energy, heart health, smaller thighs, less guilt when I eat that piece of pie…(shh!)
For all that…all I gotta do is give her 45 minutes a few days a week. Ugh.
Well here goes El–I will give you 3 days a week for the next month–so give it a rest already.
I so stink at negotiations…

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  • Destany

    my elliptical made my hips hurt so i had to get rid of it 🙁

    • Cris

      Oh no! So sorry. I have found my like/dislike of the workout really depends on the machine… I love mine (when I am in a workout mind frame). Not sure what I will do when she breaks down. We have been through many a pounds she and I!

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